Category Request for Bids

Procurement of ICT Equipment and Installation of Local Area Networks for Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS), Ministry of Agriculture Department of Agricultural Research Services (DARS) and Department of Animal and Livestock Health Development (DALHD) Dedza and Mwanza One Stop Border Post

RFB Reference No.: MW-MTPW-437484-GO-RFB Line Item N Description of Goods Quantity Lot Item Final Destination (Project Site) as specified in BDS Delivery Period (Weeks) Lot 1 1 Desktop Computers 135 MBS, DARS & DALHD 8 Weeks 2 Uninterrupted Powers Supply…

Procurement of Supply and delivery of Surveillance Drones

RFB Reference No.: MW-MTPW-419235-GO-RFB The ChairpersonInternal and Disposable of Assets CommitteeThe Ministry of Transport and Public WorksCapital HillPrivate Bag 322Lilongwe 3MalawiTelephone No.: +265 1 789 377Facsimile No.: + 265 1 789 328Attention: Procurement SpecialistEmail:;

Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study, Detailed Architectural and Engineering Design, Preparation of E&S Safeguard Document, Preparation of Bidding Documents, Support to ANE, IP and Malawi Roads Authority during the Bidding Period and Construction Supervision of One Stop Border Post (OSBP) at the Muloza and Milange Border Posts on the Malawi / Mozambique Border Crossing

Reference No: 47A003041/CP/77/2023 The Government of Mozambique (GOM) has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Southern Africa Trade and Connectivity Project (SATCP) and intends to apply part of the proceeds towards the payment for Consultancy…