Reduce Trade Costs
  1. Upgrade of ASYCUDA World System for the Malawi Revenue Authority
  2. Procurement and installation of Power Backup at Border Crossing Points across the country
  3. Procurement and installation of equipment for the Malawi Revenue Authority’s Disaster Recovery site
  4. Automation of Management of Import and Export of products for agricultural trade (DARS and DAHLD departments)
  5. Development and installation of Border Management Information System (Immigration Department)
  6. Facilitating customs Data Matching/Exchange between Republic of Malawi and Republic of Mozambique
  7. Development and implementation of the Inland Examination Centres in Blantyre and Lilongwe
  8. Provision of support to the expansion and rehabilitation of Muloza border post into a One-Stop Border Post
Strengthening Transport Infrastructure to Improve Market Access
  1. Rehabilitation of Liwonde-Matawale (M003) Road
  2. Procurement of road safety equipment
  3. Building semi-permanent weighbridge stations including multi-deck scales for inland stations
  4. Building road safety management and institutional capacity for enforcing traffic laws
  5. Piloting iRAP star rating for school programme
Strengthen value chains for regional integration
  1. Improve the productivity and market opportunities for the private sector, smallholder farmers, and cross-border traders along specific value chains through a regional integration approach.
  2. Building capacity for small-scale cross-border traders
  3. Developing bank and micro-finance institutions, innovative financial institutions to support opportunities for regional integration
  4. Extending innovation grants, matching grants, and technical assistance to selected beneficiaries to support demand risk sharing solutions
Strengthen regional coordination and project implementation
  1. Supporting the republic of Malawi to participate in the Nacala Development Corridor Management Committee activities
  2. Provision of support to the Nacala Development Corridor secretariat
  3. Establishing a Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring system
  4. Establishment of a Corridor Trip Monitoring System (CTMS).
  5. Development of Climate and Pandemic Emergency Response Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  6. Removing non-trade barriers between the Republic of Malawi and Republic of Mozambique